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PHP is committed to supporting both the NHS and HSE in tackling the major underinvestment in primary care facilities in both the UK and Ireland. PHP’s aim is to modernise and improve the ability to provide efficient and effective healthcare through the provision of modern, purpose-built properties, let to the NHS, the HSE, GPs and other healthcare operators.

The facilities are predominantly located within residential communities and enable the UK and Irish population to access better health services in their local area. This is central to the Group’s strategic objectives and business planning processes.

PHP’s portfolio serves around 3.6 million patients and our portfolio is their first point of contact with the NHS when they start their patient journey. Our active management of the property portfolio seeks to maintain the centres as fit for purpose and systems have been established to ensure that PHP is properly monitoring its social impact and identifying and managing opportunities and risks associated with the provision of its properties.

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PHP is committed to ensuring that the properties it develops and owns meet GP, NHS and HSE occupiers’ requirements in their local community. It is crucial that we continually update our understanding of what issues matter to our occupiers and how the NHS and HSE is changing to meet the increasing demands on the healthcare system in both countries.

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