PHP has appointed Nexus Tradeco Limited (“Nexus”) to provide property advisory, management, accounting and company secretarial services to the Group.

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David Austin

Property Director, Head of Asset Management

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David_Bateman_2019 (120 of 314).png

David Bateman

Director, Head of Investments

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Andrew_Birch 056_flip.png

Andrew Birch

Head of Portfolio Projects

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Liam Cleary_PHP_Board_2019 (267 of 314).png

Liam Cleary

Director, Commercial Finance and Financial Reporting

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Tony_Coke_2019 (190 of 314).png

Tony Coke

Development Director

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Oliver Goodman profile pic.png

Oliver Goodman

Director, Rent Reviews and Valuation

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Richard_Howell_2019 (112 of 314) v2.png

Richard Howell

Chief Financial Officer

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Harry_Hyman_2019 (82 of 314) v2.png

Harry Hyman

Chief Executive

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Chris_Santer_2019 (130 of 314).png

Chris Santer

Chief Investment Officer

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Michelle_Whitfield 066_flip.png

Michelle Whitfield

Director, Operations and Sustainability

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Paul_Wright_2019 (144 of 314).png

Paul Wright

Company Secretary

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James_Young_2019 (141 of 314).png

James Young

Director, Property Management

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