The PHP Board comprises a majority of independent Non-executive Directors selected to deliver an appropriate mix of diversity, skills and experience.

Committee key:

  • A Audit Committee
  • E Advisers Engagement Committee
  • N Nomination Committee
  • R Remuneration Committee
  • S Standing Committee
  •   Chairman

Steven_Owen_2019 (25 of 314) v2.png

Steven Owen

Independent Non-executive Chairman

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Harry_Hyman_2019 (82 of 314) v2.png

Harry Hyman

Chief Executive

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Richard_Howell_2019 (112 of 314) v2.png

Richard Howell

Chief Financial Officer

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Peter_Cole_2019 (23 of 314) v2.png

Peter Cole

Independent Non-executive Director

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Laure_Duhot_2019 (52 of 314) v2.png

Laure Duhot

Independent Non-executive Director

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Ian_Krieger_2019 (2 of 314) v2.png

Ian Krieger

Independent Non-executive Director and Senior Independent Director

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