Environmental considerations



Through our investment, asset management and forward funded development activities we look to minimise the environmental impact of our business, maximise the efficiency of our assets and minimise the future risk of obsolescence in our portfolio.

PHP is committed to the principles of continuous improvement in managing environmental issues, including the reduction of pollution and emissions, the proper management and monitoring of waste, and compliance with environmental legislation and codes of practice.

Environmental and sustainable matters are an integral element of PHP’s assessment of the suitability of new medical centres that the group looks to acquire and fund.

The Group undertakes a detailed building survey and assessment of the environmental risk for each investment, including flooding, to ensure the risk is avoided or appropriate prevention measures are developed. We also obtain an environmental desktop study and energy performance certificate (“EPC”). PHP has engaged consultants Savills, Simpson Hilder and GEP Environmental to help in this process.


of the portfolio has an EPC rating of “A-C”

We are delivering energy efficiencies and sourcing cleaner energy for our occupiers through various asset management initiatives.

We continuously assess the opportunities to improve the environmental efficiency of a property and work with its occupiers to improve its environmental performance with enhancements such as the installation of LED lighting, energy efficient boilers and solar panels.


projects completed during 2018


projects expected to commence in 2019/2020

PHP engages with its development partners to promote the highest possible standards of environmental, sustainable and social matters when designing and constructing new premises.

As a minimum, new properties are required to achieve at least a BREEAM “Excellent” rating, but where possible the aim is to exceed this. Ongoing environmental responsibilities are included in the leases entered into by the occupational tenants as a norm for newly built premises.


of the newly completed assets delivered in 2018 held an EPC with a rating of A or better

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