PHP Community Impact Partnership with UK Community Foundations.

PHP has committed £0.25 million per annum to fund social and charitable activities and services linked to the patients and communities of our occupiers which cannot be readily accessed elsewhere. In 2021, we distributed £0.2 million across a wide range of projects supporting our GPs, understanding their views with a view to implementing a further programme of activities in 2022 and beyond.

PHP are delighted to be working with UK Community Foundations to offer grants to charities and community groups that are focused on social prescribing and community wellbeing that serve our properties.

Following the launch of the PHP Community Impact fund in September 2021, the first grants awarded in the pilot regions of Scotland and Lincolnshire were made in December 2021. By partnering with UK Community Foundations, PHP has access to the grant making expertise and deep knowledge of the communities we want to support ensuring the funds go to organisations that will make a real difference to the lives of local people.

The fund has been distributed across 20 organisations delivering a range of services focusing on social prescribing and community wellbeing. To find out more about the grant recipients and activities to be provided click on the icons below: