The Group's portfolio comprises over 300 primary healthcare facilities, both completed and committed, the majority of which are GP surgeries, with other properties let to NHS organisations, pharmacies and dentists. PHP endeavours to provide high quality buildings for its tenants and to provide the highest quality assets for its shareholders.

Our business model

PHP's business model is to invest solely in the freehold or long leasehold of modern purpose-built healthcare facilities in the UK and Ireland, which the Group holds for long term investment.

The properties are leased to GPs, government healthcare bodies and other associated healthcare users.

Our history

The idea of purchasing primary healthcare premises and leasing back to NHS GPs through indirect property investment was put forward by Harry Hyman in 1994.

Following the purchase of a small portfolio of primary care premises, Primary Health Properties PLC (“PHP”) was incorporated in 1995 and floated on the Alternative Investment Market in 1996. On 5 November 1998, PHP achieved full market listing on the London Stock Exchange. On 1 January 2007, PHP became the UK's first dedicated healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust.

PHP specialises in the ownership of freehold or long leasehold interests in modern purpose-built healthcare facilities, in the UK and Ireland, the majority of which are leased to GPs and other associated healthcare users.

Harry Hyman - PHP Group
Harry Hyman
Managing Director

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