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Creating long-term sustainable value

What we do

We invest in flexible properties for local primary healthcare.

The overall objective of the Group is to create progressive returns to shareholders through a combination of earnings growth and capital appreciation.

To achieve this, PHP has invested in healthcare real estate let on long term leases, backed by a secure underlying covenant where the majority of rental income is funded directly or indirectly by a government body.

Our strategic objectives

Achieving each of the strategic objectives outlined below will enable PHP to meet its overriding aim of delivering progressive shareholder returns through a mix of income and long term value growth.

The Group looks to grow its property portfolio by funding and acquiring high quality, newly developed facilities and investing in already completed, let properties. PHP concentrates on assets with strong underlying fundamentals that it can acquire for a fair price and secure an acceptable gap between the income yield an asset generates and the cost of managing and funding that investment.

PHP manages its portfolio effectively and efficiently managing the risks faced by its business in order to achieve its strategic objectives. This includes taking a long term view of its properties in keeping with the strategic horizons of its tenants. By providing additional space facilitating the provision of additional services or extending the term of underlying leases, PHP can increase and lengthen its income streams and create the opportunity to add capital value.

The portfolio is managed by an experienced and innovative team within an efficient management structure where operating costs are tightly controlled by the Adviser and their fees are structured to gain economies of scale as the Group continues to grow.

The Group funds its portfolio with a diversified mix of equity and debt, in order to optimise risk adjusted returns to shareholders. Debt facilities are arranged on both a secured and unsecured basis, provided by traditional bank lenders and debt capital markets, with a spread of maturities that ensures flexibility and availability over the longer term to match the longevity of income streams.

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