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Our specialist teams are here to assist with every aspect of the development and subsequent occupation of your building. We are available to deal with queries that may arise from the acquisition or development of your premises, advice and support with building maintenance matters, lease and legal issues, right through to expansion and refurbishment requirements for your property as your business develops and service delivery needs change. Visit the following pages to find out more about the services each team provides.

The PHP Group finance team is actively engaged in the property development and acquisition process. We can provide development funding to developers who are developing assets for the PHP Group or provide certainty of disposal on completion of a property if the developer has arranged its own funds. We can also structure the acquisition of existing healthcare premises to achieve a speedy and efficient disposal for vendors.

We welcome enquiries from investors, developers, GPs, CCGs and NHS bodies to discuss how we can help structure and fund your premises project. If you are already an investor in healthcare premises we can assist in the efficient acquisition of your property by the PHP Group. If you are a GP we can discuss the acquisition of your existing premises on a sale and lease back basis.

Your business will grow and develop over the years that you occupy a PHP Group building. We look to work with you to realise your growth ambitions and ensure that the building continues to meet your service delivery needs. Our dedicated asset management team has completed and are currently working on projects including lease renewal, property refurbishment, building extension, pharmacy relocation and renewable energy solutions.

Our experienced property managers are on hand to assist with your property maintenance and lease enquiries. We have included a number of guides that will assist you with the effective management and maintenance of your premises. Our Helpdesk delivers planned and reactive maintenance services to those buildings where we manage the maintenance contracts on the tenant’s behalf.

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